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In Love With The Cocos

In Love With The Cocos


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In Love With The Cocos is a fragrance that evokes the blissful serenity of a tropical paradise, designed for those who hold a special affection for the sweet, creamy allure of coconut. This scent is a sun-drenched ode to summer, transforming everyday moments into slices of paradise with its bright and refreshing composition.


The fragrance opens with an uplifting burst of Calabrian bergamot and lemon zest. The bergamot provides a sophisticated, slightly spicy citrus note that is vibrant and invigorating, while the lemon zest adds a sharp, tangy freshness that enhances the tropical theme. Together, these top notes create a lively and zesty introduction that immediately captures the essence of sunlit days.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, In Love With The Cocos reveals a hydrating splash of coconut water, the core ingredient that imparts a mild, sweet, and refreshing nuance, reminiscent of clear blue skies and crystal waters. The addition of orange blossom injects a floral, slightly honeyed aroma that complements the coconut’s sweetness, while geranium offers a green, slightly rosy touch, and rose deepens the floral aspect with its classic, rich, and intoxicating scent. This combination of mid notes envelops the wearer in a floral tropical embrace, enhancing the overall freshness and making the fragrance delightfully captivating.


The base notes of amber, musk, and ambrette seed ensure a warm, rich finish that grounds the airy top and heart notes. Amber provides a resinous, cozy warmth that extends the scent’s longevity and adds depth. Musk adds a clean, subtly sensual undertone, enhancing the skin-like quality of the fragrance, while ambrette, with its musky and slightly sweet profile, offers a sophisticated, natural finish that complements the tropical theme.