Collection: Roads

Roads is a modern perfume brand, founded by Danielle Ryan in 2013. Its roots are in Dublin but the scents are fed by inspirations drawn from cultures that span the world.

The unique compositions, created in collaboration with some of the world’s most esteemed perfumers using high-quality ingredients, are genderless and universal.

They come from one person’s curiosity for the world explored through scent, but they don’t seek to prescribe. They invite you to find your own story within them. Choose a fragrance that resonates with how you feel, for how it makes you feel or for the message it conveys, just as you would select clothing according to your mood or the occasion.

The quiet, minimal bottle design represents the blank page on which you can write your own narrative while contemporary artists and their work are celebrated in the outer box. We believe modern luxury is not defined by what a brand spells out on its packaging, but in the quality and joy it brings.