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Angel Dust

Angel Dust is a beautiful fragrance meant to bring peace and calmness into your day. With its subtle blend of ethereal flowers and cosy, inviting spices, this scent surrounds you in a seductive aura. Layers of elegant notes are unveiled by each spray, provoking you to welcome your inner grace and charm. Transform everyday situations into magical encounters with Angel Dust, and let your wonderful personality show through with confidence.

Goldfield & Banks

Silky Woods Elixir

Experience the luxurious essence of Silky Woods Elixir. Rich, velvety woods and a touch of sweet vanilla combine to create a wonderful, enhanced, seductive scent. The subtle charm of spices and the warmth of amber evoke a classic style. This magical potion is perfect for any occasion, as it leaves you feeling attractive and beautiful. Enjoy the magic of Silky Woods Elixir, where each spray unfolds an extra level of depth and elegance and allows your presence to linger in the air.

Escentric Molecules

Molecule 01 + Black Tea

Experience the unique union of the rich, aromatic depth of black tea with the Molecule 01 fusion. With a hint of mystery, this captivating fragrance compliments your natural aroma while unfolding with minimalist beauty. The elegant and sophisticated scent, which is delicate yet persistent, is ideal for every situation. With this beautiful combination, which is sure to make an impression, you could upgrade your presence. Appreciate the grace and charm of Molecule 01 + Black Tea, where complexity and simplicity coexist together.

Plume Impression

Onda d'Oro

Surrender yourself entirely to the luxurious spirit of Onda d'Oro. This lovely fragrance captures the essence of sun-kissed citrus trees and the warmth of golden amber. Every note takes you to different Mediterranean locations, where vivid bergamot and soothing sandalwood clash. A delicate fusion of jasmine and honey creates an irresistible attraction in the heart. This luxury fragrance is ideal for both day and night and gives you a chic and brilliant atmosphere. Allow the golden wave to take you to an area of calm beauty and classic elegance.



Boadicea The Victorious


With its beautiful and mysterious scent, Amethyst is the height of sophistication. Rich, deep flowers, notes of warm amber, and exotic spices are expertly blended into each note. This rich fragrance surrounds you with an affluent atmosphere ideal for daytime wear. Allow the appealing odour of amethyst to captivate your senses while leaving a long-lasting impact. Accept the mysteriousness and the charm of this wonderful perfume.

Bois 1920


Fondentarancio is the epitome of citrus luxury; its vibrant blend of bitter oranges and smooth vanilla notes will take you to sun-drenched orchards. With a rush of energetic freshness and a soothing embrace, this fragrance reflects the warmth and vibrancy of Mediterranean summers. Fondentarancio is more than simply a smell; it's a sensual experience of indulgence, making it the perfect choice for people who want both rejuvenating revival and comfortable grandeur. Accept the refinement and charm of this luxurious scent, allowing it to fill you in its mesmerising wonder with each wear.

Jean Poivre

Fairground Temptation

The attraction of Fairground Temptation is to lose oneself in delightful stupidity. This pleasant scent perfectly expresses the spirit of happy carnival celebrations by combining colourful fruits with playful sweets. It takes you to a world of sugary recollections and inspiring delights with every spray, where thoughts of candied apples and cotton candy swirl around you in a kaleidoscope of scents. Experience the irresistible beauty of caramel swirls and spun sugar as the fairground's magic emerges wherever you turn. Every moment is transformed into a carnival of temptation when you use Fairground Temptation, inviting you to satisfy your senses.