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Nocologne is a fragrance that elegantly captures the essence of modern sophistication with a twist of boldness, perfectly suited for the contemporary individual who appreciates the nuances of a refined yet daring scent. With its blend of zesty citrus, aromatic herbs, and a subtly extravagant base, Nocologne offers a fresh take on traditional cologne.


The fragrance opens with an invigorating mix of top notes that immediately sets a vibrant and energetic tone. Calabrian bergamot, known for its richly nuanced citrus aroma, combines with pamplemousse (grapefruit) to introduce a sharp, tangy freshness. Lemon adds an additional layer of citrus zest, enhancing the lively character of the opening. Mandarin provides a sweeter, softer citrus touch, rounding out the initial burst with its juicy and inviting scent. Dutch herbs bring an unexpected and pleasantly aromatic twist, adding depth and a green, slightly floral note that bridges the citrus opening to the more complex heart notes.


Transitioning into the mid notes, Nocologne reveals a sophisticated and classically inspired heart. Orange blossom introduces a delicately floral and slightly sweet fragrance, providing a soft contrast to the zestiness of the top notes. Ginger zest adds a spicy, invigorating kick that complements the initial citrus burst. Mimosa lends a subtle, powdery sweetness with its light floral and green nuances, while pink pepper introduces a mild spicy heat that adds vibrancy and warmth. Clary sage rounds out the mid notes with its herbaceous, slightly musky essence, enhancing the fragrance's aromatic profile and matching class with bravoure.


The base of Nocologne is where the subtle extravagance truly unfolds. Amber crystals and ambrette seed together create a rich, musky foundation that is both warm and slightly exotic. Moss contributes an earthy, damp forest-like quality, grounding the fragrance with a natural depth. Vetiver adds a clean, woody finish that complements the richness of the amber and the freshness of the earlier notes, rounding out the scent with a clean, crisp finish.