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Passport Amour

Passport Amour


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Passport Amour is a perfume by CRA-YON for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-floral.
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Indulge in the Allure of Passport Amour and Journey to a World of Beauty and Sensuality. This exquisite fragrance combines the timeless elegance of rose notes with the warmth and richness of wood, instantly transporting you to a captivating parallel dimension. With a scent direction that encompasses woody, floral, and oud elements, Passport Amour is a masterpiece that transcends time. Experience the enchantment and magic of this extraordinary fragrance.

A Blossoming Prelude:
Passport Amour unfolds with the alluring notes of Damask Rose. This delicate and captivating floral sets the stage for a sensorial journey filled with romance and elegance. Its essence entices and bewitches the senses, drawing you further into the embrace of this enchanting fragrance.

A Sensuous Heart:
The heart notes of agarwood, patchouli, carnation, and cedar add depth and complexity to the composition. This aromatic blend exudes sensuality and intrigue, creating a rich tapestry of scents that captivates and fascinates. It is within these heart notes that the true essence of Passport Amour comes alive, evoking passion and a sense of mystery.

An Enduring Presence:
In the base notes, musk, amber, and sandalwood unite to create a lingering and seductive trail. These elements provide a solid foundation for the fragrance, ensuring its presence endures and leaves an indelible impression. The warmth and sensuality of the base notes enhance the overall allure of Passport Amour, enveloping you in its embrace.

Passport Amour is an olfactory journey to a world of beauty and sensuality. Let its unique blend of rose, wood, and captivating accords transport you to a parallel dimension where romance and elegance intertwine. Experience the magic and allure of this timeless fragrance, allowing it to become an essential part of your own personal journey.