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Oud for Greatness Neo

Oud for Greatness Neo

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Oud for Greatness Neo is a perfume by Initio for women and men and was released in 2024. The scent is oriental-spicy.
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Oud for Greatness Neo is the latest innovation from Initio Parfums, a fragrance that merges the raw power of nature with the cutting-edge insights of neuroscience to elevate your senses and enhance your mental clarity and emotional well-being. This groundbreaking scent is designed to unlock your innermost potential, creating an aura of charisma and confidence that captivates everyone around you.


Oud for Greatness Neo reimagines the classic Oud for Greatness with a dynamic, ultra-fluorescent interpretation. This dazzling scent flows through you like a flash of light, revealing your true nature and boosting your self-confidence and determination. The fragrance breaks free from traditional olfactory norms, offering a unique and invigorating experience that propels you to new heights.


At the heart of Oud for Greatness Neo is a synergistic blend of psychoactive essences and invigorating natural elements. The psychoactive molecules in oud, renowned for their ability to enhance mental clarity and emotional balance, are combined with the soothing effects of Lavender Orpur® and the brain-boosting properties of Balsam Fir. This powerful combination creates a fragrance that not only smells incredible but also supports your mental and emotional state.


The scent opens with the rich, complex aroma of oud, which provides a deep, woody foundation that is both grounding and elevating. Lavender Orpur® adds a calming floral note, helping to soothe the mind and enhance relaxation. Balsam Fir introduces a fresh, invigorating element, known for its ability to boost mental clarity and focus.


As the fragrance develops, it envelops you in fluid waves of scent that radiate vitality and strength. The result is a captivating blend that is perfect for important occasions, high-energy environments, or any time you want to feel empowered and centered.