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Sugardaddy is a luxurious and opulent fragrance that encapsulates the allure of a beachfront golden hour, translating it into a scent that is both intoxicating and irresistibly seductive. Crafted for those who view the world as a playground of possibilities, this fragrance is a sophisticated blend designed to captivate and charm, embodying the essence of exclusivity and allure.


The fragrance opens with vibrant top notes of tangerine and bergamot. The tangerine provides a burst of juicy sweetness, radiating a sunny, cheerful vibe, while the bergamot adds a sophisticated citrusy edge, giving the scent a sharp, refreshing kick. Together, these citrus notes create a lively and inviting introduction that stimulates the senses and brightens the mood.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Sugardaddy unfolds into a rich and spicy mélange of black currant, nutmeg, clove, and jasmine. Black currant introduces a deep, fruity tartness that complements the initial citrus burst. Nutmeg and clove add warmth and a spicy depth, enhancing the fragrance’s complexity and providing a touch of exotic opulence. Jasmine, with its intoxicating floral aroma, softens the spices and adds a layer of delicate, sweet elegance, enriching the heart with its lush, romantic essence.


The base of Sugardaddy is a sophisticated foundation of white ambergris, moss, cashmere, and patchouli. White ambergris offers a rare, slightly animalic yet refined marine note that enriches the fragrance with its smooth, earthy richness. Moss contributes a green, slightly damp earthiness, evoking the serene ambiance of a coastal landscape at sunset. Cashmere adds a soft, luxurious texture, wrapping the scent in a silky,


smooth veil. Patchouli rounds out the base with its rich, musky, and slightly sweet profile, providing a lingering depth that seduces any spirit that dares to cross your path.