Collection: Bastille

Fragrances at Bastille dance and play with balance: between the ideal and the body, power and sophistication, tradition and the future, synthetic and natural, sustainable and desirable, and experience and memory.

French independence is often associated with the Bastille. Freedom is a movement, just like scent. It's a celebration of the human body, a historical narrative, and a singular experience.

However, mobility is also something that begins by overcoming inertia and is unrestricted in its ability to operate. Like in the past, things move forward toward a more equitable, compassionate, and responsible planet because of the combined momentum.


Bastille challenges established standards by redefining beauty and setting new benchmarks, producing genuine, radiant, and completely transparent fragrances. One of the pillars of Bastille's concept is transparency. The fragrances have an amazing lightness and clarity that lets the wearer appreciate the essence of the scents.

They put a lot of emphasis on using premium raw materials that are carefully selected to guarantee the highest quality. It widens the definition of perfumery and lets you enjoy seductive and appealing fragrances.

Types & Varieties

The luxury aromas from Bastille set an example for every brand. This niche perfume brand offers a range of unisex fragrances, some of them are Bataille, Demain Promis and Hors Piste.