Collection: Horatio London

A "keeper of time" is what the classical given name Horatio means. All of the handcrafted compositions are inspired by the name Horatio, as they are a perfume house committed to crafting eternal masterpieces of aroma. 

Famously, the name belongs to Lord Horatio Nelson, one of the greatest naval heroes in British history, renowned for his intense and long-lasting love affair with Lady Hamilton and his strategic brilliance in warfare. His greatest victory, immortality, came from his win at Trafalgar, where his country and men worshipped him.


Only the purest ingredients have been selected from their names to assure quality and refinement. The priceless ingredients for all of the luxury perfumes are sourced to the highest standards of perfection from around the globe. 

Every fragrance of Horatio London embodies the love of unadulterated luxury and bears the signature of a genuine, handcrafted composition with a multi-layered story that unites fragrance and emotion. The perfumer has painstakingly selected each note to reveal itself slowly on the skin, tempting the user or admirer to inhale the fragrance's beauty and grace.

Types & Varieties 

The niche fragrance brand Horatio London offers luxury perfumes for men and women, namely Olympias, Phoenicias, and Zephyros.