Collection: Ilk

The meaning of the ancient Scottish term ILK has changed over the ages; theirs is "the essence of who you are." Hence, the term "contradictions" in ILK refers to the contradictions that come with each of us, which is just what they hope to celebrate with their collection of multilayered fragrances that draw inspiration from human nature.

The objective is to encourage people to use perfume to enjoy important moments in greater detail, to record strong feelings, and to utilise all the senses to create stories. Fragrances don't have to be a last-minute decision in your cosmetic routine, a large bottle you grow bored of before the finish, or a Christmas present. You should and may express yourself more through your fragrance.


ILK offers its customers the unique chance to play around with their scents as they do with their desires, moods, and environments. Each distinct fragrance story encourages the user to analyse a certain incident or recognisable character trait.

Their intention is to inspire individuals to use perfume to capture intense emotions, document significant occasions, and use all of the senses to tell tales. Fragrances don’t have to be a last-minute addition to your beauty routine, a large bottle that you quickly become tired of, or a gift for Christmas. You may and should use your scent to express yourself more.

Types & Varieties 

ILK offers a range of niche perfumes for men and women. Some of the luxury fragrances from their collection are Fantasist, Infatuated, Libertine, Nature and Nonchalant.