Collection: Memoize London

Holly Hutchinson established Memoize London with the objective of making perfume using an alternative approach after working for seven years at a multinational perfume firm, creating niche fragrance commodities. The idea was to create genuinely distinctive and attractive fragrances that are easy to wear while still having an authentic, handmade feel.

To do this, Holly formed a highly skilled group of British perfumers and used ingredients gathered from the highest-quality material suppliers globally to create a remarkable variety of luxury perfumes.


Memoize London is an enchanting and luxurious perfume business that skillfully combines sophistication and creativity in its beautiful designs. Memoize London provides a selection of luxury perfumes that engage the senses and create a lasting impression, all with the goal of creating a timeless appeal. 

Each scent is carefully crafted using the best materials available worldwide to create unique and appealing compositions.

Memoize London differentiates itself because it is dedicated to creating fragrances to improve memory. The firm develops scents to evoke and maintain special experiences, taking inspiration from the concept of olfactory memory.

Memoize London has the ability to bring you to memorable moments in time by mixing its smells with thoughtfully selected notes. 

Types & Varieties 

Memoize London is a niche fragrance brand offering luxury perfumes for men and women. Among its diversified fragrance line, some of its unisex fragrances include Anima, Artem, Avaritia, Black Avaritia, and Caritas. Magus is a bestseller.