Collection: Mizensir

Best Seller

Alberto Morillas launched the perfume business named Mizensir in 1999. As a perfumer who has contributed to numerous global achievements in contemporary perfumery, he and his spouse decided to establish a house that sells scented candles and perfumes to pay tribute to his skill and expertise.

As a family, they created a variety of fragrances over time and worked with some of the largest fashion brands to present them with olfactory registered trademarks.


Alberto Morillas has been living in the highlands outside Geneva for over 40 years, with two Jack Russell dogs by his side. When he first established the firm, he had the idea to depict them in a sophisticated coat of arms that prominently features his two friends.

We must return to the brand's inception when Alberto Morillas and his wife Claudine decided to make their first candles in their home kitchen. The perfumer was having trouble finding scented candles that met his standards at the time.

So, in spite of the numerous obstacles in reviving the aroma of a burning candle, he set out to match the quality and excellence of a good fragrance.

Types & Varieties 

The luxury perfume brand Mizensir offers a range of niche perfumes for men and women. Original Oud is a bestseller, while Alma De Rosario, Ambre Magique, Edition De Veronique, Elixir De Musc, and For Your Love are some of the luxury perfumes of Mizensir’s collection.