Collection: Profumo di Firenze

The Galardi family's scent business, Profumo di Firenze, pays homage to Florence, a city that has long been associated with perfumery. Two sets of unique and memorable scents narrate an engaging and captivating sensory experience.

The Dante Collection offers an engaging experience and a trip to remember. Every aroma takes the senses to a sophisticated and detailed medieval Florence. It is a thorough examination of the Divine Comedy, with the Galardi Family's version of Dante as the main character.

The Firenze Collection offers two bright pieces that blend the past and the present. Exciting compositions justify Florence's intense interest in the perfume business. The collection is accommodated in an elegant, classic container made by carefully choosing essences that seem to have only one theme. The best-selling fragrance Buontalenti reveals the mysteries and flavours of the city.


‘Florence And The Perfumery Art.’

There is an everlasting and strong bond between the scent and the city. The Florentine nobility's Renaissance customs are the basis of this deep and timeless story. Traditions that Caterina de' Medici brings to the French court right away, making people crave to inhale fragrant aromas. A long and fascinating walk through the old town, enhanced by the surrounding countryside, ruins, and vaults with mosaics, remains unchanged from the past. The closest representation of Florence's normal everyday scents is Profumo di Firenze.

Types & Varieties 

The niche fragrance brand Profumo di Firenze offers a range of luxury perfumes for men and women. Its perfumes include Cuoio, Fico, Obscurus, Fior Di Pane, the newest addition and Matelda, the bestseller.