Collection: Rhizome

Rhizome is an artistic venture by compassionate people, founded in 2019 by Stefano Aschieri, Andrea Aschieri, and Dario Pozzi. 

According to Rhizome, most companies in the crowded niche fragrance sector have alienated consumers with high costs, impersonal branding, and a fake sense of luxury.

Rhizome, a luxury perfume brand, believes in a unique approach that places the client at the forefront, prioritising simplicity, quality, and a truly memorable experience.


Rhizome has decided to keep exceptional scents at affordable rates.

Rhizome thinks better quality isn't necessarily linked with higher costs and strives to educate people on the unnecessary complexity of over-complicating something so basic.

They think a well-executed fragrance is an experience as much as a fragrance—an event that sticks in your memory, a scent that can mark a specific moment in time.

They firmly believe this, and you, as a customer, can be sure that they will continue to do so!

Types & Varieties 

This niche fragrance brand, Rhizome, challenges the norms of traditional perfumery by offering a range of luxury perfumes for men and women, such as Rhizome 1, Rhizome 2, Rhizome 3, Rhizome 4, Rhizome 5 and Rhizome 6.