Collection: Serasar

The brand Serasar has always thought it shouldn't be hard to create your own style and express your identity to the world. It shouldn't be necessary to rebuild your outfit or reconsider everything completely; just one more coat of polish should be plenty to complete the look.

They quickly learned that finding anything similar wasn't that simple while looking for it. The brand experimented with numerous brands and accessories for men and women, but none of them delivered the desired appearance or impression. They soon came to the conclusion that they had to make the changes they were seeking on their own. That marked the beginning of Serasar. 


Serasar was created to bring people together via small gifts and enhance the beauty of life. It's about being completely distinctive and not needing to fit in with the crowd. It's also about giving loved ones in your life a unique surprise they might not have expected.

They found the best leather and a group of expert artisans who could shape it according to their specifications to bring Serasar to life. The end product is a distinctive collection of bracelets and other accessories that enable you to express your individuality.

Types & Varieties 

This luxury brand offers a range of accessories for men and women. Some of the products from its collection include Infinity Bracelet “Infinity” 925 Sterling Silver - Black, Leather Bracelet "Helix" - Silver, Leather Bracelet "Ring" Gold, Leather Bracelet "Ring" Silver and Leather Bracelet "Shine" Black