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Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau


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Art Nouveau is an exquisite fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of an era known for its lavish aesthetics and inventive artistic expressions. Designed for the sophisticated woman who embodies elegance and confidence, this scent blends delicate florals with creamy woody notes, creating an olfactory masterpiece as captivating and intricate as the art movement that shares its name.


The fragrance opens with top notes of osmanthus, magnolia, peony, cassis, and a unique champagne accord. Osmanthus leads with its soft, sweet, and slightly apricot-like aroma, setting a luxurious and slightly exotic tone. Magnolia and peony add layers of lush, floral sweetness, enhancing the fragrance’s feminine allure. Cassis introduces a touch of fruity tartness that brightens the floral bouquet, while the champagne accord adds a sparkling, effervescent quality that makes the opening truly celebratory.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Art Nouveau unfolds with additional notes of rose, jasmine, and peach, alongside the continued presence of osmanthus. Rose and jasmine deepen the floral complexity, each adding their own signature—rose with its romantic, powdery nuances, and jasmine with its heady, intoxicating richness. The peach note complements osmanthus beautifully, reinforcing the apricot tones with its juicy, velvety sweetness.


The base of the fragrance provides a smooth, enduring finish with notes of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, white musk, and amber. Patchouli offers a rich, earthy foundation that grounds the lighter floral notes with its deep, musky undertones. Sandalwood and vetiver contribute creamy, woody elements that add sophistication and depth. White musk and amber wrap the composition in a warm, sensual veil, enhancing its lingering appeal and leaving a memorable impression.