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Dualité Magnifique

Dualité Magnifique


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Dualité Magnifique encapsulates the essence of an opulent masquerade, blending mystery with magnificence in a dance of aromatic complexity. This fragrance is a masterful expression of contrast—dark and light, tradition and daring—making it a perfect choice for those who revel in the drama and elegance of such dualities.


The journey begins with top notes of davana and saffron. Davana introduces a fruity, slightly woody aroma with a touch of sweet wine-like richness, setting a luxurious and somewhat enigmatic tone. Saffron adds a distinctive, subtly spicy and earthy quality, enhancing the exotic appeal of the fragrance and providing a golden thread of sophistication that ties the opening to the heart.


As Dualité Magnifique unfolds, it reveals middle notes of rose, Akigalawood, and cypriol. Rose stands at the forefront, offering its classic floral elegance that is both rich and intoxicating, symbolizing the glamour and allure of Venice's Carnival. Akigalawood, a derivative of patchouli with peppery, oud-like nuances, contributes a modern, woody spice that deepens the floral theme with a contemporary twist. Cypriol adds a smoky, leather-like aroma, enhancing the fragrance's depth and introducing a mysterious, almost mystical quality to the heart.


The base of the fragrance is a robust foundation of oudh, suede leather, and dry amber. Oudh, known for its rich, resinous woodiness, provides a profound depth and an intense, lingering