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Escentric 01

Escentric 01

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Escentric 01 is a perfume by Escentric Molecules for women and men. The scent is woody-fresh.
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Escentric 01 offers a unique and alluring approach to modern perfumery, focusing on the enigmatic appeal of a single scent molecule, Iso E Super. This fragrance is a sophisticated, minimalist composition that highlights the intriguing and often intoxicating effects of this woody molecule. It's known for its velvety, warm aroma that seems to blend seamlessly with the natural scent of the skin, creating a personal and intimate experience.


The fragrance begins with a bright and zesty note of fresh lime peel, which injects a sharp, invigorating freshness that is both uplifting and energizing. This citrus opening sets a vibrant tone that captures attention and awakens the senses.


The heart of Escentric 01 features green jasmine bud, known as hedione, which contributes a light, airy floralcy. Hedione is celebrated for its jasmine-like scent that has a transparent, almost watery quality, making it subtly floral yet distinctly green. This middle note enhances the fragrance's complexity without overpowering the unique characteristics of Iso E Super.


Supporting the lime and hedione, the base of the fragrance unfolds into a smooth blend of soft balsams and musk. These elements provide a warm, creamy background that complements the woody notes of Iso E Super, enriching its texture and adding depth. The musk, in particular, enhances the skin-like quality of the fragrance, making it even more personal and inviting.