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Etat de Grâce

Etat de Grâce


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Etat de Grâce is a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of timeless modernity, blending the enchantment of floral notes with the earthiness of woods and the warmth of sweet tonka bean. It is a scent that evokes the elegance and joy of a special day, perfect for those who cherish moments of beauty and celebration.


The fragrance opens with top notes of apricot and carnation, setting a tone of delicate sweetness mixed with a slightly spicy floral scent. The apricot provides a juicy, luscious start, while carnation adds a peppery edge that introduces a complex floral aroma, adding depth and a touch of nostalgia to the initial impression.


As Etat de Grâce unfolds, it reveals a heart of tuberose, peony, and patchouli. Tuberose stands at the forefront, offering a rich, heady floral scent that is both intoxicating and profoundly sensual. This powerful floral note captures the essence of the fragrance's hypnotizing charm. Peony complements the tuberose with its soft, lush, and slightly rosy aroma, adding an air of romance and femininity. Patchouli rounds out the middle notes with its earthy, musky qualities, grounding the florals with its deep, resonant base.


The base of the fragrance consists of oakmoss, tonka bean, and cedarwood, which together provide a solid foundation that extends the longevity of the scent. Oakmoss adds a rich, chypre woody note that is both mossy and slightly dry, enhancing the sophistication of the fragrance. Tonka bean brings a creamy, sweet warmth that contrasts beautifully with the coolness of the oakmoss, adding a gourmand element with hints of vanilla and almond. Cedarwood complements both by providing a smooth, woody finish that encapsulates the fragrance in a clean, elegant embrace.