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Mandorla del Sud

Mandorla del Sud

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Mandorla del Sud is a perfume by Simone Andreoli for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is sweet-gourmand.
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Mandorla del Sud is an olfactory masterpiece that encapsulates the rich essence of Sicily’s renowned confectionery art. This fragrance is a tribute to the island’s love affair with almonds, representing the heart and soul of Southern Italy’s indulgent sweets. Enveloping and luxurious, it conjures up images of Sicilian patisseries, where the air is thick with the aroma of freshly-baked almond treats.


The scent unfolds with the lush sweetness of almonds, blended harmoniously with the powdery softness of icing sugar. This delightful duo is further enriched by the golden warmth of amber, weaving in a layer of opulent sophistication. Vanilla, with its creamy and comforting profile, adds a final touch of elegance, rounding off the fragrance with its smooth, rich notes.


With its exquisite composition of Almond, Icing Sugar, Amber, and Vanilla, Mandorla del Sud is more than a fragrance. It’s an immersive experience, a sensory journey to the heart of Sicily’s confectionary heritage, celebrating the island’s passion for sweet, almond-infused delicacies.