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Murmure d’ Eté

Murmure d’ Eté


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The fragrance opens with top notes of davana and cypress, setting a vibrant and green tone right from the start. Davana offers a fruity, slightly woody aroma that is both exotic and inviting, while cypress provides a fresh, clean, and slightly resinous note, reminiscent of the cool, misty air of early morning. Together, these notes create a crisp opening that perfectly encapsulates the freshness of dawn.


As Murmure d’Eté unfolds, it reveals middle notes of fig wood and fig pulp, which bring a creamy, woody, and slightly sweet quality to the composition. This fig duo captures the essence of fragrant fig trees warming in the morning sun, their invigorating scent mingling with the coastal breeze. Freesia adds a touch of floral brightness, its peppery sweetness enhancing the natural greenery and contributing to the fragrance’s overall lightness and elegance.


The base of the fragrance is grounded with notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, and tonka bean. Sandalwood offers a rich, creamy woodiness that deepens the scent, providing a warm and comforting finish. Cedarwood complements this with its own distinctively crisp and woody aroma, adding depth and a hint of ruggedness. Tonka bean rounds out the base with its sweet, vanilla-like undertone, lending a touch of warmth and a slightly gourmand flourish that echoes the blissful tranquility of a summer day.