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Pegasus is a perfume by Parfums de Marly for men and was released in 2011. The scent is sweet-spicy.
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Pegasus is a fragrance that captures the spirit of its legendary namesake, an 18th-century horse racing champion, embodying the essence of victory and the majestic power of a storied winner. This scent is designed to awaken the triumphant spirit of its eponymous inspiration through a masterfully crafted olfactory experience that blends traditional elegance with a touch of modern masculinity and sportiness.



The opening notes of Pegasus feature a stimulating mixture of bergamot and almond. Bergamot introduces the fragrance with its bright, citrusy freshness, adding a crisp, uplifting start that symbolizes the invigorating rush of a race’s beginning. Almond complements this with its subtly sweet, nutty aroma, providing a smooth and comforting contrast to the sharpness of bergamot, which together create a sophisticated yet approachable introduction.


As the fragrance evolves, it seamlessly transitions into a robust base that is both rich and aromatic, consisting of vanilla, sandalwood, and amber. Vanilla brings a creamy sweetness that envelops the wearer in warmth, enhancing the fragrance’s allure with its inviting and cozy presence. Sandalwood adds a woody depth that resonates with creamy, milky textures, lending a luxurious and refined quality that anchors the scent. Amber contributes its resinous, warm, and slightly powdery notes, enriching the composition with a full-bodied sensuality that underscores the fragrance’s masculine elegance.