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Perseus is an embodiment of radiance and vitality, casting an unforgettable aura in its wake. At its heart pulses a lively grapefruit citrus melody, awakening and electrifying the senses with its vibrant energy from the very first touch. This zesty opening is masterfully balanced by the deep, earthy tones of vetiver, which emerge gracefully to infuse the fragrance with layers of sophistication, warmth, and a whisper of sensuality.

As it melds with the skin, Perseus weaves a mesmerizing path adorned with the delicate intricacies of ambergris and the steadfast embrace of dry woods. This harmonious blend conjures the essence of serene mornings within the opulent bounds of the royal Marly, where every moment is suffused with the promise of new beginnings and adventures.

With every mist, Perseus invites you into a realm where the sun perpetually casts its golden glow, celebrating the luminous splendor of citrus. It’s an invitation to a voyage under the bright canopy of the sky, where possibilities stretch endlessly towards the horizon, and each day is an ode to the joy and discovery of sunlight’s embrace.