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Purple Suede

Purple Suede


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Purple Suede is a strikingly modern fragrance that offers a unique twist on traditional aromatic profiles by blending the crisp, sun-kissed scent of lavender with the deep, rich notes of leather. This addition to the Goldfield & Banks Botanical Series stands out for its innovative use of Tasmanian lavender, known for its exceptionally pure and vibrant fragrance, creating an olfactory experience that is both contemporary and deeply rooted in the natural beauty of Australia.


The fragrance opens with the aromatic essence of lavender fields, where the intense sunlight amplifies the herbal freshness and slightly floral sweetness of the blossoms. This lavender is not just soothing and traditional; it is rendered more complex and vivid by the fierce heat, which adds a certain crispness to its typically soft profile.


Complementing the lavender is the scent of leather, specifically envisioned as rust-coloured saddles, evoking the imagery of rugged elegance and outdoor adventure. The leather brings a sensual, textural depth to the fragrance, providing a contrast to the lavender's airy and aromatic qualities. This combination creates a distinctive rich and dry sillage that is both luxurious and unmistakably bold.


Purple Suede unfolds further to reveal a heart of precious woods and spices, adding layers of warmth and sophistication. The woods lend a sturdy, enveloping foundation that anchors the lighter notes, while the spices introduce a subtle heat that echoes the sunburnt theme, enhancing the overall intensity of the scent.