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Que Tal

Que Tal


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Que Tal is a fragrance that captures the essence of a romantic journey, blending the allure of exotic scents with the passion of artistic creation. It's designed for those who appreciate the nuanced beauty of the natural world and the artistry involved in capturing these essences within a bottle. This scent is a celebration of passion, travel, and the subtle art of fragrance crafting.


The fragrance begins with top notes of pink peppercorn and apricot, offering a vibrant and spicy opening with a touch of juicy sweetness. The pink peppercorn provides a slightly rosy, invigorating spice that ignites the senses, while the apricot adds a lush, fruity sweetness that softens the spice, making the introduction both warm and inviting.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Que Tal unveils a rich and complex blend of patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood, and orris. Patchouli lends its earthy, dark, and musky qualities, grounding the fragrance with its intense depth. Jasmine, sourced from France, introduces a luxurious floral note, its intoxicating sweetness enhancing the romantic and exotic nature of the scent. Sandalwood contributes creamy, soft woody notes that calm and balance the intensity of patchouli and jasmine, while orris adds a delicate powdery floral touch that lends an elegant sophistication to the blend.


The base of the fragrance is composed of cedarwood, dry amber, and musk. Cedarwood anchors the scent with its sturdy, woodsy presence, evoking the image of an ancient forest. Dry amber adds a warm, resinous undertone that enriches the woody notes with a velvety depth. Musk finishes the base with a subtly sensual touch, enhancing the overall longevity and adding a layer of mysterious allure.