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Sienna Brume

Sienna Brume


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Sienna Brume encapsulates the serene essence of solitary leisure, combining the freshness of the seaside with the comforting softness of natural textures. This scent is for those who revel in their independence and find tranquility away from the bustling crowd, perfect for moments of introspective relaxation and daydreaming beside a glistening pool.


The fragrance opens with top notes of sea air and bergamot, immediately invoking the expansive freedom of the ocean. The sea air provides a briny, fresh burst, capturing the invigorating spirit of the waves and the open sky. Bergamot complements this with its light citrusy note, adding a bright, clean sharpness that enhances the fresh oceanic feeling.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Sienna Brume introduces soft coconut and cucumber. The coconut note is creamy and soothing, lending a tropical, velvety layer that evokes the warmth of sunlit skin. Cucumber adds a crisp, green freshness, mirroring the coolness of clear pool water and fresh cucumber slices—refreshing and subtly aquatic. Together, these middle notes maintain the fragrance’s airy lightness while adding a comforting, soft texture reminiscent of cotton.


The base of Sienna Brume deepens with vanilla, juniper berry, and copaiba. Vanilla brings a sweet, cozy warmth, grounding the lighter notes with its rich, enveloping aroma. Juniper berry introduces a sharp, green freshness that complements the cucumber, adding a slightly resinous, piney edge that aligns with the aromatic theme. Copaiba adds a unique, balsamic note, enhancing the blend with its soothing and mildly woody scent, which subtly supports the overall aromatic freshness.