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Smoke of Desert

Smoke of Desert


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Smoke of Desert encapsulates the mystical Oman desert at night, celebrating the world’s most revered incense. This fragrance honors ancient rituals and divine connections, with a deep, resinous aroma of Oman Incense at its core. Elemi and Absinth add complexity, while Cashmere and Leather bring warmth, reminiscent of the desert’s embrace.

This scent transcends mere fragrance; it’s an invitation to a spiritual journey through the desert, urging introspection. It captures the essence of sunset reflections and night’s poetic silence, a medium for thoughts and divine whispers.

Blending Oman Incense, Elemi, Absinth, Cashmere, and Leather, Smoke of Desert is a homage to the desert’s spiritual depth, offering an olfactory experience that echoes timeless dialogues with the divine in a land of profound mystery.