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White Sandalwood

White Sandalwood


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White Sandalwood is a fragrance that epitomizes sophistication, weaving together the warm, rich essence of sandalwood with an array of exotic spices and a tender floral heart. This scent is designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, offering a luxurious and enveloping experience that is both comforting and elegantly exotic.


At the foundation of this fragrance lies white sandalwood, known for its creamy, soft, and rich woody character. It provides a comforting base that is both soothing and profound, setting a serene backdrop for the more vibrant notes to play upon. Complementing the sandalwood is amber, which adds a resinous depth, enhancing the warmth and adding a subtle touch of sweetness that makes the base richly enveloping.


The spiciness of saffron, pepper, and thyme introduces an exotic dry heat to the fragrance, creating a captivating contrast to the creamy woodiness. Saffron, with its unique golden hue and slightly bitter yet sweet aroma, offers a luxurious and aromatic quality that is unmistakable. Pepper adds a sharp, biting edge, while thyme contributes a subtle herbal touch that enhances the overall complexity and richness of the scent profile.


At the heart of White Sandalwood is Turkish rose, a classic floral note known for its sweet, powdery, and deeply romantic fragrance. The Turkish rose envelops the spice with its soft, velvety petals, tempering the heat and introducing a floral sweetness that makes the fragrance delightfully comforting and profoundly elegant.