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After Hours

After Hours

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After Hours is a perfume by The Perfumer’s Story for women and men. The scent is floral-woody.
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After Hours is a fragrance that evokes the mysterious allure of an evening at Harrods, transformed into a realm of spectral beauty and sophistication after the final shoppers have departed. Originally exclusive to this iconic location, the scent is inspired by the concept of a beautiful ghost, gracefully wandering the now-silent halls, her presence marked by a scent both intoxicating and irresistibly hedonistic.


As the fragrance unfolds, it reveals a heart where the magnetic soul of Vetiver, Oudh, and Bois de Rose take center stage. Vetiver adds an earthy, woody depth that grounds the fragrance, bringing in an element of the nocturnal and mysterious. Oudh contributes its rich, musty woodiness that resonates with luxury and exoticism. Bois de Rose, or Rosewood, offers a mild, sweet, and almost spicy wooden scent that complements the richer, more intense notes of oud.


The base of the fragrance is a profound blend of Patchouli, Benzoin, Olibanum, and Musk. Patchouli provides a rich, earthy foundation with a slightly sweet undertone, enhancing the depth of the scent. Benzoin adds a comforting, warm vanilla-like aroma, contributing to the base’s resinous sweetness. Olibanum, or frankincense, brings its distinctive spicy, woody, and citrusy notes, which echo the mystical and spiritual. Musk rounds out the scent, adding a skin-like, sensual quality that lingers, making the fragrance deeply personal and enduring.