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Metaphore WJ

Metaphore WJ

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Metaphore WJ is a perfume by Calaj for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is earthy-spicy.
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Inspired by the craftsmanship of a renowned Romanian jewelry shop, Metaphore transcends the mundane to touch the divine realm of creativity. This fragrance is an ode to the artistry and artists that bloom in every corner of the world, breaking the bounds of imagination with their myriad forms and fields.


The fragrance commences with a lively ensemble of top notes. The aromatic, subtly minty freshness of Thyme coalesces beautifully with the vibrant, citrusy aroma of Bergamot, presenting an enticing introduction to this olfactory sonnet.


As the fragrance unfolds, the heart notes reveal a symphony of contrasting scents. The earthy, sweet-spicy character of Patchouli is intertwined with the intriguing, subtly sweet and herbaceous note of Carrot Seeds. The warm, woody tones of Cedar, the exotic enchantment of Jasmine, and the spicy floral charm of Carnation meld together, forming a captivating core that stirs the senses.


The journey concludes with the base notes, creating a harmonious blend that lingers. The sweet, delectable touch of Honey mingles with the repeating note of Patchouli, adding depth and persistence to the scent. The boldness of Leather and the rich, warm essence of Tobacco interweave with the soft, velvety texture of Suede. Lastly, the sensual, animalic note of Musk underpins the final accord, creating a lingering resonance.


Metaphore is not merely a fragrance; it is an exploration of creativity’s boundless sphere. It’s an homage to artistic expression, a scent that embodies the remarkable journey from inspiration to creation. Allow its notes to paint their story on your skin, immersing you in a melody that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the artistic allure of Metaphore.