Collection: Calaj

Calaj Perfumes is dedicated to infusing every bottle with the essence of elegance, exclusivity, and innovation. They have a strong enthusiasm for perfumery as an art form. These distinctive mixtures will be great companions for perfume enthusiasts who appreciate originality and perfection in their aroma collections.

The perfumes from Calaj are designed for people who genuinely appreciate the art of perfumery and are produced in tiny batches, limited editions of no more than 100 bottles.

Calaj's goal is to present genuine olfactory masterpieces to smell enthusiasts like you in collaboration with perfumer Miguel Matos, the 2020 winner of The Art and Olfaction Awards.


Calaj Perfumes, a Romanian company based in Arad, began its scent adventure in 2020. This well-known niche perfume company hailed for its creative outlook and artisanal design, has emerged as an international destination for those looking for rare, limited-edition, and unusual perfumes.

Types & Varieties

This luxury fragrance brand offers a list of niche perfumes. Some of their new additions are Black Beard, Carmen, EVY, Lilyn, and Love Toxin perfume for men and women.