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Panther Fangs

Panther Fangs

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Panther Fangs is a perfume by Calaj for women and men and was released in 2022. The scent is animalic-floral.
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Amid the quiet solitude of Covid-imposed isolation, Elena and Miguel found themselves enveloped in a shared dreamscape, though geographically miles apart. Their slumbers painted vivid images of a formidable black panther – a free spirit roaming the verdant wilderness, its muscles rippling beneath a glossy obsidian coat, eyes aglow with a hypnotic allure. In their dream, the black panther bore fangs of jasmine, claws of amber, and a fur as glossy and sleek as the night itself.


Panther Fangs at first appears gentle, mirroring the dreamy gaze of the feline in repose. Yet, the true enigma of the beast lies beneath its sleek movements, with waves of suspense filling the air, thick with a warm, intoxicating aroma. This dense, dark atmosphere brims with the bitter-sweet intrigue of Buchu notes, laced with the sensuous purr of animalistic undertones and the hidden whispers of floral elegance.


This is the moment where the dream reveals itself, seeping into reality, captivating you with its penetrating presence. The jasmine-scented white fangs of this nocturnal creature gleam above the depth of amber, embodying a sharp, civety character, trailed by lingering smoky notes.


Initiate the encounter with the top notes of refreshing Grapefruit and zesty Bergamot, setting the stage for the olfactory adventure.


The heart notes unravel the majesty of Jasmine Grandiflorum, the unique aura of Buchu, and the musky comfort of Ambrette. These notes form the core of the fragrance, capturing the essence of the panther’s hypnotic allure.


Finally, surrender to the seductive base notes, where the warm resonance of Amber dances with the oceanic whisper of Ambergris, the nutty sweetness of Tonka Bean, the creamy allure of Vanilla, the provocative intensity of Civet, and the smoky hint that lingers, binding the symphony together.


Embark on this immersive journey, let Panther Fangs guide you through an olfactory wilderness and expose you to a mesmerizing reality. Surrender to the majesty of the Panther Fangs, and let it enrapture you.