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Twisted Iris

Twisted Iris

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Twisted Iris is a perfume by The Perfumer’s Story for women. The scent is woody-aromatic.
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Twisted Iris captures the essence of a multifaceted personality that is both timeless and eccentric, classical yet delightfully quirky. This perfume is designed for those who seamlessly blend contrasts in their lives and styles—pairing vintage with modern, rural charm with urban sophistication. It’s a fragrance that embodies the spirit of creative freedom, boasting a unique character that is both alluring and irresistibly whimsical.


At the heart of Twisted Iris is the voluptuous note of Iris absolute, a luxurious and deeply floral component that serves as the fragrance’s backbone. Iris lends a powdery, slightly woody richness that evokes the grandeur of a stately home, providing a heritage feeling that harkens back to the 1940s. This classic base is given a fresh, contemporary twist with the addition of green fig, introducing a vibrant, juicy freshness that injects a lively, modern vibe into the scent.


Accompanying the iris and fig are delicate touches of violet and jasmine. Violet adds a soft, floral sweetness that complements the powdery iris, while jasmine introduces a light, heady quality that enhances the blend with its intoxicating, sensual presence. These floral notes add depth and complexity, weaving together a tapestry of scents that is both rich and nuanced.


The composition is rounded out with a base of crisp white musks and soft warm moss. The white musks provide a clean, fresh finish that illuminates the fragrance, adding a contemporary layer of brightness that contrasts beautifully with the deeper, more traditional notes. The moss contributes a touch of earthiness, a warm undertone that grounds the fragrance with a subtle, enduring softness.